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About Us

Smart India Web Services’ Real Estate Portal www.realexpose.com gives you real information and insights into buying, selling, renting and leasing property all over India. Real Expose portal publishes accurate information on the ever-fluctuating price, specifications, size, etc. of real estate properties in India. Further, proximity of the property to places of commuting and transportation such as Airports, Railway Stations, Bus Depots, etc. are some of the primary information provided on our website.

This will help our visitors to make right decisions on the purchase, sales, rent and lease of properties. Infrastructure facilities and essential facilities such as water and power supply availability are transparently displayed on our website to provide accurate information to our visitors. Owners, builders and promoters can benefit from our site with the free advertising which we offer for a span of three months. Real Estate property owners and promoters can advertise their property on our website to attract the innumerable number of visitors of our site.

Our easy to use, convenient features help navigate effortlessly among various property listings for users to identify suitable property. We also have classified ad posting services free for users to generate tremendous responses from other users for your property. You can include your phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information to get instant access to your buyers and sellers. Some other interactive features enable users to apply for buying and selling of property and to contact the property owner, buyer or seller immediately. SmartIndia Web Services also functions on various other domains as SEO, etc.

Our Other Unique Special Features include:

  1. Loan Eligibility Calculator
  2. Taxation Advice
  3. Vaastu Tips
  4. NRI Property Purchase Guide

Loan Eligibility Calculator

Most of our homes are purchased with home loans. We are quite apprehensive most of the times on how much loan would be available for us. Your loan eligibility is determined by a lot of factors such as your salary, credit history, repayment, etc. Our loan eligibility calculator enables you to ascertain the loan amount you will be eligible for. Pick up our calculator and start crunching the numerals.

Taxation Advice

Some of us think we benefit by evading taxes but in reality, paying taxes helps our credit prospects for new ventures and buying of homes. Our eligibility for loans increases with paying taxes regularly. The benefits of paying taxes are innumerable which if followed rightly leads to a lot of privileges. Real Expose’s Taxation Advice guides you along the paying of taxes and filing of IT Returns to get the maximum out of your real estate purchase and sales. We also offer advice and suggestions on the tax incurred for a particular real estate property that you buy or sell.

Vaastu Tips

Vaastu is one of the authentic sciences which have become very popular in recent times. This age old science of Hindu tradition, like the Chinese Feng Shui, suggests suitable construction and placement of rooms, objects, etc. to derive maximum positive energy and good fortunes out of your dream home. Appropriate placements of rooms leads to positive energy, luck and desirable fortunes. Smart India Web Services’ www.realexpose.com offers suggestions, tips and advices on the proven and authentic science of Vaastu practiced for millenniums in India.

NRI Property Purchase Guide

Buying a real estate property requires a lot of legal procedures to be followed for even an Indian citizen born and brought up in this country. To reside in a foreign country as a citizen of that country and buy a property in India may require or not require certain procedures and laws to be abided by. www.realexpose.com helps you identify the right constraints and suggests suitable actions to buy a real estate property in the easiest way.


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